Internet connectivity is essential in the modern business world


All IT solutions require some form of connectivity in the modern connected world.  Therefore, we are able to provide a complete range of connectivity solutions ranging from basic broadband (ADSL/Fibre) to complex MPLS networks that join multiple geographical sites together into a single private network.


We can provide you with ADSL (standard broadband) and VDSL (commonly known as fibre) connections to meet your business needs.  We not only deliver the service but, rather than dealing with a large call centre, are also the single point of contact for any service or technical issues.

In areas of low bandwidth or high latency we can design and install bonded ADSL/VDSL solutions (where multiple links are bonded together) to provide a better Internet service.

Leased Lines

Dedicated leased lines provide your business with superior Internet access, in terms of speed and reliability, that is backed up by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).  If you are in an area where fibre broadband is not available and/or if you require the stability of a guaranteed service then leased lines are your best option.

We can also provide point to point lines which directly connect one location to another e.g. between two of your offices.


An MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network allows you to securely connect multiple office locations so that they can function as a single network.  This is particularly useful for larger companies, who have multiple offices, which need to securely and reliably communicate between each office.   It is also recommended if you plan to run a VoIP based telephony solution across multiple offices.